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Installation & Replacement

Strobe Tech (Billy Winchester) has been repairing and installing aircraft warning lights on telecom & broadcast towers, smoke stack chimneys, wind turbine towers, coal yards & tall buildings for over 25-years.

We have years of extensive experience with all makes and models of tower lighting, and we carry a complete inventory. We can service any type of tower lighting system. If you have an older system that has become costly to maintain, we can give competitive quotes for new LED or Xenon systems. Since we are not owned by a tower lighting manufacturer, we can give choices for system replacements using any make or model of tower lighting system on the market. Since we are independently owned and operated, we are not bogged down by the bureaucracy of a large organization. We just get the job done at a reasonable rate, and in a timely fashion. If you are wanting to purchase replacement parts for your lighting, click here.

We have three types of service contracts:

1. Will-call (pay parts and labor for each visit)
2. Labor only (monthly billing for labor)
3. Parts & Labor (monthly billing for parts and labor)

Strobe Tech Tower Lighting Service

Strobe Tech Stack Lighting Maintenance


Our Qualifications:

  • Tower Lighting Experts- all makes and models
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Pre-Employment, Periodic and Random Drug Screening as well as Background checks for All Employees
  • Specializing in strobe lights on tall towers
  • Experience: 25-years consecutive
  • Range: Nationwide
  • Insurance: General Liability $2M, Auto $1M, Workers Comp $1M and Umbrella $8M. Certificate upon request.
  • New Installations: Written quotes available upon request for all makes and models
  • Replacements and upgrades on all structures with any type of tower lighting
  • Maintenance: Service rate sheet available upon request
  • Maintenance Contracts: Monthly billing (Labor-Only or Parts-&-Labor)
  • Complete Inventory available for all makes and models
  • OSHA compliant: RF & Fall Safety Trained
  • References available upon request
  • Quick response anywhere in Continental USA
  • Ask about our 90-Day Parts & Labor warranty.
  • ISNetworld Contractor No. 400-197313.
  • CCS and Avetta/PICS Safety Qualified.

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